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This Was Hoboken

We received an email from Charles Mottola telling us of this great souvenir book about Hoboken from 1906. Naturally we were interested and pleasantly surprised when Mr. Mottola offered to give us the book so we could share it with you. We'd like to express our gratefulness to Mr. Mottola for his generosity and encourage you to visit his site at:

Be patient as you view these pictures. They are fairly large because we did not want to compress them so much that you wouldn't be able to enjoy them. And remember they are nearly a century old, so they have naturally deteriorated somewhat. So click on through the pictures and see what Hoboken looked like in 1906.

These pictures were originally published in a book entitled, "Souvenir of Hoboken and Vicinity". Published by L.H. Nelson Company, Portland, Maine

Stevens Castle


"The Boat Clubs"
This photo shows a steamer being docked at the Holland-America Dock.

The Boat Club


"Duke's House"

Duke's House


"Hillside Road"

Jersey City, Hoboken, and Patterson Street Railway Loop

Hillside Road

"Hoboken Savings Bank"

Hoboken Savings Bank

"Morton Memorial Building, Laboratory of Chemistry"

Morton Memorial Building

"The Columbia Club" - Bloomfield & 11th Streets

The Columbia Building

"The German Club House" - Hudson & 6th Streets

The German Club

"The Hoboken Academy" - Willow & 5th Streets

The Hoboken Academy

"Meyer's Hotel & Hexamer's Riding Academy"

Hudson & 3rd Streets

Meyer's Hotel

Views of Hudson Street
south from 4th Street (left), north from 4th Street (right)

Views of Hudson Street

"The Empire Theatre" & Block - Hudson Street

Empire Theater

Newark Street from Hudson Street, eastward

Newark At Hudson