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Metro Commute

139 Fulton Street #207
New York City, NY 10038

1 212-513-0279
1 212-334-6173

From the Website Also check out Our CompanyTraffic is bad and is getting worse. The US Department of Transportation estimates that tens of billions of dollars are lost annually because of congestion. Traffic is increasingly a quality of life concern. It can seem like we spend more time getting there, than being there. Better traffic and transit information can save businesses money, reduce energy consumption and pollution, and get us all to where we need to be more quickly. Founded in 1994, Metrocommute has developed and deployed technology to compile accurate and complete traffic information, and to deliver it based on traveler profile anytime, anywhere and to any device. Metrocommute provides its traffic information through its web site, as well as via e-mail and text alerts to subscribers' desktops, pagers, and mobile phones. Media and enterprise solutions are also provided to the radio, television, print, and electronic media industries, in addition to corporate, fleet, and travel organizations. Our MissionMetrocommute believes that the most effective way to increase the mobility of goods and people is through the better management of existing transportation systems. Key to this concept is providing as much real-time transportation information to businesses and to the traveling public as possible. Better information enables people to make intelligent trip choices by avoiding areas of congestion and delay. In the end, we can all get home quicker. Metrocommute's mission is to capitalize on the convergence of recent advances in communications technology and the widening deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) by public agencies and private transportation providers, to enhance the mobility of people and goods.