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Puerto Rican Culture Committee


P.O. Box 702

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Puerto Rican Anthem:

La tierra de Borinquen
Donde he nacido yo
Es un jardin florido
De magico primor

Un cielo siempre nitido
Le sirve de dosel
Y dan arrulos placidos
Las olas a sus pies

Cuando a sus playas llego colon...
Exclamo lleno de admiracion...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Esta es las linda tierra
Que busco yo

Es borinquen la isla
La isla del mar y sol
Del mar y el sol
Del mar y el sol
Del mar y el sol


The Puerto Rican Flag is the highest symbol of our nation and a genuine representation of the Country where one was born and where a sincere and immense love grows that affects our lives forever. The flag has been utilized as a symbol of diverse political movements.

The Colors of the Flag Signify:

The Three Red Stripes symbolize the vital blood that nourished the three powers of the republican government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.
The Two White Stripes represent the individual liberties and rights of man, which maintain stability between the three powers of our form of government.
The Blue Equilateral Triangle represents the republican form of government represented by it's three powers.
The Solitary Star represents a free and sovereign country.
The flag designed by Antonio Velez Alvarado on June 11, 1892 is a source of pride and distinction to all Puerto Ricans.

The PRCC of Hoboken is comprised of a group of concerned residents of this wonderful city. Our primary objective is to foster ethnic pride, warmth and joy of our people. Every year we traditionally celebrate our heritage through a flag ceremony, our annual cultural festival and other culture awareness events.

We thank our supporters for promoting and preserving Nuestra Herencia Puertorriquena.