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Hoboken - North Hudson YMCA

1301 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

1 201-963-4100
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Who We Are

In 2004, the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA provided services for 2,000 Hudson County Residents. Our 61,000-square-foot facility, which was built in 1927, is currently home to a variety of community service programs. We have expanded our youth and teen programs to serve even more Hoboken youth and enhanced our adult programs to better serve our growing adult membership. Our multi-service family facility is committed to families, businesses, and residence of our Service areas of West New York, Union City, Gutenberg, North Bergen and Hoboken.

Our Beginnings

Before acquiring our building, the YMCA served the people of Hoboken-North
Hudson in another building near the PATH station at the turn of the century. The YMCA was incorporated in Hoboken in 1883 and has been in the city of Hoboken for over 122 years. The YMCA was built to offers numerous sports leagues, educational and recreational programs for people of all ages and background for and corporations headquartered in Hoboken and to provide programs and service to the US military (Navy) who used the piers at the turn of the century.

Our Staff Consists of

15 policy volunteers, and 90 staff who work to make the Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA a safe, clean and enjoyable place to workout, acquire skills, and meet new people. Our volunteers and staff are trained to ensure quality service as well as an enjoyable learning experience.

Off-Site Programs

The Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA offers an offsite programs at the EVG School in Edgewater. We currently collaborate with many neighboring organizations like New Jersey Blood Center, Hoboken Charter School, Commerce and other nonprofit Organizations

Financial Aid and scholarship assistance

The Hoboken-North Hudson YMCA provides financial assistance for individuals who demonstrate a need. Because we truly believe that every kid deserves a Y, we provided approximately $40,000 in program scholarships in 2004, many of our youth programs offered at a reduced rate.