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Redeemer Presbyterian Church - St Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish

PO Box 5214
8th and Hudson Streets

Hoboken, NJ 07030

1 201-792-6502

Discipleship – What we do.

Our church follows the pattern of the earliest Christians as described in the New Testament Book of Acts. We worship together on Sundays and also meet together in each others homes. These informal groups are a wonderful way to grow spiritually, to study Scripture, and to work out the practical implications of the Gospel. The relationship and friendships that develop also become the basis for a rich social support network that allows us to thrive in the City.
Proclamation – Who we are.

Our worship service is an eclectic mix of different musical styles and traditional Christian worship elements. It is open to people of all religious backgrounds or none. Our church is built on the foundation of Biblical preaching and we celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly as the center of our community life.

Service – How we treat our neighbors.

We believe that God calls every Christian and uniquely gifts them to meet the needs of others. As a church we work hard to help each other identify and nurture these gifts. Our Mercy Team and Small Groups are designed to allow people to explore different ministries and serve our neighbors in Hoboken.