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Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Transportation options to and from Hoboken:
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Port Authority of NY & NJ Communiting & Traveling information

The PATH runs along 6th Avenue in Manhattan and stops at 33rd, 23rd, 14th, 9th & Christopher Streets. The next stop is Hoboken. There is only one stop in Hoboken.

From the NJ Turnpike (I-95), follow signs for the Lincoln Tunnel. Take the Hoboken exit(last exit in NJ before the entrance to Lincoln Tunnel). Go down the ramp to the stoplight. Go through the light, downhill, bearing right. Follow signs for Hoboken. Weehawken Ball field and Lincoln Tunnel will be on your right side. This road leads you directly into Hoboken (about 3/4 mile).

From Route 3 or the NJ Turnpike to N. Hoboken:
Not going into too much detail, you want to get on 495E heading to the Lincoln Tunnel, and follow the signs to Hoboken. You'll end up at 14th Street.

From 280 to S. Hoboken:
Take 280E until the "Last Exit Before Toll" which puts you on County Route 514, which will merge with 7. You'll pass Fish House Road, then go over a drawbridge over the Hackensack River. Keep to your left and go through the traffic light. You're on Truck Route 1 & 9. Stay in the right lanes for the Holland Tunnel, through 2 quick lights, into an almost blind double merge, and you'll end up in the covered roadway.

From 78, 22, 1 & 9, and the NJ Turnpike to S. Hoboken
There are two basic options - taking the Pulaski Skyway approach (a.k.a. the 1 & 9 approach), or the Turnpike extension. Generally, we recommend the Skyway, but it depends almost entirely on traffic. The Turnpike Extension costs $1.00.
Pulaski Skyway

From 22:
At the end of 22, get on 1&9N.

From Route 78:
Take the last exit before the toll. 78 turns into the Turnpike Extension (in case you didn't know), which is 58 (B, Ithink). It's a little tricky, so you have to pay attention. I like to take the express lanes until the last possible cross-over. At this point, the 2 local lanes become "Exit Only" lanes for 1&9S, and the 2 cross-over lanes replace the local lanes. After the exit for 1&9S, the right lane becomes the "Exit Only" lane for 1&9N, which is what you want.

From the Turnpike (I-95):
Take exit 14 (not 14C, or any other 14). Stay to the right into and after the toll plaza, and follow the sign to 1&9N.

The merge onto 1&9N is ugly, from either the Turnpike or 78 approach. To make matters worse, you have to get into the middle lane quickly, because the right lane is an unmarked "Exit Only" lane. After a couple miles or so, stay to the left for the Pulaski Skyway (red on the map). The right lane goes to 1&9 truck route, which is almost never the way to go (green).

As the Skyway ends (about 3 1/2 miles), there's an off-ramp to Tonnele Ave, which is 1&9. DON'T take it, but you should probably get in the right lane immediately afterwards because there's an ugly merge ahead. After the merge, you'll go into the tunnel-esque "Covered Roadway". Whilst here, get in the left lane. As you come out of the covered roadway, stay all the way to the left and make the left onto Jersey Ave. at the light, getting into the middle of the three lanes.

Turnpike Extension

From Route 78:
East of the regular Turnpike (I-95), Route 78 becomes the Turnpike Extension. So, just go through the toll plaza, stopping for your ticket, and follow the signs for the extension (exits 14A-14C).

From the Turnpike:
Follow the signs for 14A-14C.

Stay on the extension through the last toll, 14C. After the toll, stay to the left, following signs for Hoboken/Holland Tunnel. Eventually, there'll be a light, which is next to a big refrigerated storage place. There's also a Port Authority building and several gas stations on the other side of the intersection. You want to be in the left of the 2 lanes when you get to the light. There are 3 or 4 more lanes to the left that you can't get to (they're for the 1&9 approach). These lanes should have a red light when you have the green, so you can turn left in front of them, into the right of three lanes on Jersey Ave. (you have to get into this lane when making this turn). You'll want to get one lane over to the left eventually, but you have a few blocks to do it.