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FROM The Hoboken Parking Utility Website

Parking Lot Information Parking lots with daily, weekly, and monthly spaces are available. There are also spaces available in all of Hoboken's city garages (call 201-653-1919 for more information).Parking Consideration Request from

As anyone who owns or drives a car in Hoboken knows, parking has become one of the biggest headaches in our mile square city. To ease pressure off this problem, we would like to request that all those who park their cars on Hoboken streets to please be courteous and aware of their fellow parkers. When parking, please do not leave wasted space between your car and those in front or behind, or wasted space between your car and the edge of the yellow lines marking the intersection. This will allow more cars to park on our city streets. While enjoying the sights of Hoboken by driving around for hours looking for parking can be fun, if we all do our part, we can prevent these headaches from forming. Thank you.

Resident Parking Program is enforced Monday through Saturday, 24 hours a day.

Safe Path to School, Safe Paths Around Hoboken

Now that school is back in session, the city is reinforcing its commitment to the safety program it started back in March. The program has been so successful that it has been adopted city-wide. Safe Path to School, Safe Paths Around Hoboken was developed in collaboration with the Mayor, the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Board of Education, and the Parking Utility. In this safety program, the key enforcement areas consist of:

Keeping Our Crosswalks Clear and Safe
Please don't block the crosswalks or the yellow curbs that are painted next to them. This safe distance around the crosswalks enables much better sight for drivers, which creates safer intersections. It also enables emergency vehicles to make turns, which can save lives. Our intersections have been surveyed and the city will strictly enforce these rules and ticket violators in these areas. For example, when there is a dangerous corner with an SUV or other vehicle blocking sight, or if a vehicle does not move from a crosswalk for an extended period of time, it will be towed.

Keeping Our Bus Stops Clear and Accessible
On our narrow streets, the busses tie up traffic, sometimes for blocks. This poses a dangerous traffic problem. These bus stops need to be clear so that residents, visitors, parents, seniors, and children can go about their business safely and without delay. For these reasons, violators will be both ticketed and towed out of bus stops.

Keeping Fire Hydrants Clear
For obvious reasons, violators will be ticketed and towed out of fire hydrant areas. This will be strictly enforced to ensure safety city-wide.

These measures are all being implemented to enhance the safety of our city, as outlined in the Master Plan. We hope that this safety plan creates a safer feeling for every resident, visitor, senior, bike rider, and child that travels the streets of Hoboken.

Hoboken Parking Utility - Parking Permits

The Hoboken Parking Utility is located at 101 First Street, in the basement of City Hall.
Weekdays: 8:15am to 9:30pm
After 4:00pm daily the Parking Utility can be accessed via the Newark Street entrance (108 Newark Street).

Residential Parking Permits
All Hoboken residents who own or lease a vehicle are required to obtain a Residential Parking Permit for each vehicle parked in Hoboken. Requirements for Residential Parking Permits are as follows:
VERY IMPORTANT - AS OF 01/01/06: The Vehicle Registration must be in the name of the person seeking the permit; a valid New Jersey Driver's License reflecting a Hoboken address and a valid lease, title, or tax bill for a residential Hoboken address. In the case of a vehicle leased and used by a Hoboken resident, a copy of the automobile lease reflecting the applicant's address in Hoboken shall be presented in addition to the requirements listed above. Company vehicles used by residents are exempt from these requirements.

Residential Decals: Jan to Dec - 1st car $15 | 2nd car $30

Visitor's Placard: Visitor's Parking Permits can be purchased for $5 per day, available for up to 7 days at a time. Visitor's Permits can be purchased from the HPU office at City Hall.

Visitor's Hang Tags: Visitor's Parking Permits can be purchased for $5 per day. Visitor's Permits can be purchased from the HPU office at City Hall.

Temporary Parking Permits:
Temporary Parking Permits can be purchased for $1 and are issued for up to 45 days to residents who need parking on a temporary basis. Examples include residents who are awaiting receipt of a driver's license with a Hoboken address.

Business Placrads:
Business Parking Permits can be purchased for $200 per year. For those who live outside of Hoboken but work for a Hoboken business, a letter from the employing business and copies of a license and vehicle registration are required to purchase a Business Permit.

Senior Permits: Senior Permits are a FREE yearly permit

Driveway Permits - Driveway Permits are a FREE yearly permit

Change of Car Information:
Information in the Residential Parking Permit files must be kept current at all times. If you change your vehicle, you must report it immediately. If you buy or lease another vehicle and you do not yet have the permanent registration, the Hoboken Parking Utility will issue you a temporary permit at no charge during the interim. In the case of an accident where an old sticker is not retrieved, the Hoboken Parking Utility can issue you a new sticker based on your information on file.

Snow Emergency Routes

The Hoboken City Council has designated the following streets as Snow Emergency Routes:

Washington Street - Both sides
Willow Ave - West Side-Observer Hwy to 11th St.
Third Street - North Side-Jackson to River Street
Fourth Street - South Side-River to Jackson Street
Fifth Street - South Side-Clinton to Hudson Street
Thirteenth Street - North Side-Washington St. to Willow Ave

During a snow emergency, there is NO PARKING on these routes. Violators will be towed. This is necessary to allow police, fire, and medical vehicles to move throughout Hoboken in times of emergency for the safety and welfare of all our citizens. In case of snow, please call 201-420-2230 for snow emergency information. Thank you in advance for helping us keep these roads clear and passable.

Towing Releases
If your car has been towed, Towing Releases can be obtained 8:00am to 10:00pm, Monday through Friday at the Hoboken Parking Utility. For inquiries, call 201-653-1921.

At all other times, please contact the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100.

Boot Removals
Boot Removals can now be arranged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by making a payment over the phone: 866-404-6373. Payments can be made with an electronic check, debit card, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). As of 02/15/05, the boot fee is $130.00. Cash payments can be made at the Hoboken Parking Utility during normal business hours (8:00am to 9:30pm, M-F). After hours, call 866-404-6373.

From the Hoboken Parking Utility website...

The Hoboken Parking Utility
8:15 am until 9:30 pm Monday thru Friday
John P. Corea - Director

Hoboken has some very DEFINITE parking rules.
Understand them and AVOID THE BOOT!

Residents ONLY - With Resident Sticker

Resident Parking Sticker
The Resident Parking Sticker
It needs to be renewed each year, Not Replaced.

Residents: As long as they want. Everyone else: 4 hours


2008 Residential parking permit renewal applications will be mailed out by the end of JANUARY 2008

Kindly follow the instructions outlined and mail your payment in the enclosed envelope.

Renew by FEBRUARY 29, 2008


1ST DECAL.....$15.00 PER YEAR
2ND DECAL.....$30.00 PER YEAR
3RD DECAL.....$90.00 PER YEAR

ALL rates are per address, per unit, per decal

Be advised that during this process, all parking regulations will be strictly enforced.

Pay special attention to both the residential and the 4-hour permit parking side of the street.



Failure to adhere to these rules will get... YOUR CAR BOOTED and YOU WILL BE FINED!

The Boot

Portable On Demand Storage or PODS, may require a container permit.

A No-Parking Sign issued from the Parking Utility is not a permit to keep a POD on a city street.

Please check with Enviormental Services for a Container Permit.

For more info on how to obtain a Container Permit please contact them at: 201-420-2048.