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Goba Galería


Hoboken, NJ 07030

1 201-450-1150

galeria GOBA features group and solo exhibitions throughout the year.  Our philosophy derives from a deep passion for the creativity of local and established artists from all over the world.  GOBA presents paintings for all tastes and pleasures in just about all mediums including sculptures by extremely talented artists in NY and NJ. The next time you're in Hoboken, stop by and let's talk "ART"... All artists, please visit our information page for information regarding submissions or call 201.450.1150 and ask for Willie Baez.


Since its opening in 1983, Right Angle has built a reputation for providing good quality framing services for local artists and private collectors. They are confident that they can provide unparalleled service with the utmost professionalism to their clients. In 2007, Right Angle introduced this century's first Hoboken Fine Arts Gallery, galeria GOBA, on Washington Street. galeria GOBA looks forward to assist you in purchasing an exceptional piece of artwork to add warmth and beauty to your collection.

Framing artwork can be very "scary" and it can also be very expensive, especially when you compare prices with ready made frames available at discount stores. Yet, fine artworks, special event photos, vintage posters, and especially valuable pieces merit the safeguard of high-quality museum glass, superior backing and wellmade wooden frames. That's what Right Angle specializes in, beautiful mats and frames that come in various colors and textures, professional framing and good prices. They're aim is to preserve your special piece and there are plenty of frame designs to help you make the right choice. Right Angle's skilled framers will help you decide.  Let's face it, when it comes right down to it, Right Angle cares about their customers.  After all, it's your piece and you're the one that has to live with it.

FRAMING ~ Right Angle Picture Framing is one of Hoboken's oldest frame stores that houses an inventory of various styles of frames and mats.  They can frame any work of art in just about any media according to your specifications. Their entire framework is security hanger ready. Right Angle currently produces multiples of frame work orders a week. Please contact Right Angle Picture Framing and ask to speak with Pablo Godoy at 201.420.8262.