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Sat. 11/22 No Pasaran/The Sweet Sacrifice/The Art Of Shooting 9:30 p.m. $6

11/22/2008 - 9:30pm

Sat. 11/22 No Pasaran/The Sweet Sacrifice/The Art Of Shooting 9:30 p.m. $6 Buy Tickets Here!

1039 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone Number for Listings: (201)798-0406

No Pasaran!, MJ & the Sweet Sacrifice, and The Art of Shooting at Maxwell'sLocal music is still a cornerstone of Hoboken's entertainment scene. As rehearsal studios have made way for condos and the sounds of bands rehearsing have been replaced by the deafening silence brought on by the anti-social behavior created by the giant “dorms” now cluttering each block, it is really exciting when a bill contains three local acts that are all worth hearing. Two hail from Hudson County (No Pasaran! and WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice) and one from Brooklyn (The Art of Shooting). No Pasaran! are a progressive outfit mining similar territory as bands like Gang of Four or Menomena, and a personal favorite of mine. Their music is as beautiful as it is aggressive and they can snap your neck when they stop on a dime and change ideas and tempos quicker than you can shout, "None Shall Pass!"



WJ & The Sweet Sacrifice is a different sound altogether but no less powerful. Anytime you get city folk channeling Country Rock you are in for some fuzzy guitars, twisted lyrics and in this case a gentleness and sense of calm even when they are kicking up some dust. The Art of Shooting keep this bill extremely eclectic with a unique sound similar to a sped up Children's record spinning offset and wobbly on the turntable. The Harmonies are staggered creating tension as the band provides a dynamic landscape both familiar and frightening. If you like music, see this show. If you don't like music, I am sad for you.

Maxwell's Info:
Every other Monday Night Maxwell's and Dave Post present SWiNGADELiC, the nine piece little big band from 9 to 11PM right in the front room of the restaurant. We have been doing this every other Monday night at the right price...FREE! Come on out, relax and have a drink while you listen to us swing thru the blues and some jazz.

Maxwell's advance tickets are now available via TicketWeb. They may also still be purchased at Tunes and Other Music, but no longer at TicketMaster. Please go to or call (866)468-7619.

Lets Have A Party!
Maxwell's is the perfect place to host your party, wedding or corporate event. We can host anything from a small gathering to a 250 person event. We have a lounge, a larger back room or you can even rent out the entire space.