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Neumann Leather Building

Neumann Lethers Building Saved for now...

Recently we were speaking with one of the bigger tenants at the Neumann building. It looks like the building has been spared the wrecking ball. The Neumann building is one of the few older buildings with character left standing. Let's hope this is a trend toward saving the older architecture that can be renovated instead of dropping them to build what looks like penitentiaries. A a gym, a deli, a dry cleaner and indoor parking. You barely ever see these residents (except unfortunately as they are trashing the city on fake St. Patrick's Day).

Spin City: Neumann Leathers Development?

Monday night , myself and other tenants from my condo gathered in our fitness room (which serves as our temporary conference room), to listen to Dean Marchetto (Architect) and representatives of Trammel Crow Residential (Developer) present their vision of developing land where the Neumann Leather Building is located at 300 Observer Highway.

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