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Sobsey's Produce

Reviewed by Melissa Jenkins
Sobsey's Produce has so much to offer... for even the most discriminating palates. There is so much tasty, fresh, and delicious food packed inside this charming store that you may have a hard time deciding on what to buy… or what to (or not) eat. Looking around for just a few minutes will make you want to eat, nibble, munch, and cook a lot—whether you're hungry or not!

At this quaint and densely stocked Bloomfield Street store there are many delectable items to choose from. For example: organic produce, olives (a wide variety), nuts, potatoes, porcini mushrooms, jams, beans, cereal, chips, dressings, lettuce, meats, fish, pasta, sauces, spices, dried fruits, bacon w/ no nitrites added, poultry, and breads too. The in-stock merchandise includes salmon filets, swordfish filets, Chilean sea bass, catfish filets, jumbo shrimp, and more.

And there are many more delicious items to help make cooking and dining at home fun and exciting.
,br>An extensive and selection of somewhat hard-to find or imported produce is available. The fruit looks so fresh and as though it were handpicked for perfection. A large portion of the fresh fruit and vegetables are selectively picked by the store's owner Michael Sobsey during trips, several times a week, to quality fresh food suppliers in the Bronx. And of course, there's a stellar selection of organic produce from Vermont. Michael Sobsey has been in the produce business for twenty-five years and his experience and dedication to quality shows—and looks delicious—throughout the store.

In addition to many epicurean delights, Sobsey's offers an array of convenient services for its customers. There is a pie ordering service through which you can purchase many different kinds of pies for the holidays or any special occasion. The pies are ordered from the well known Little Pie Company and are available in flavors such as Sour Cream Apple Walnut, Old Fashioned Apple, Sugarless Apple, and Pumpkin. Among other things that can be ordered are turkeys (including free-range), organic turkey breasts, duck, pheasant, goose, and both free-range and certified organic chicken. These services make cooking and entertaining in even the tiniest of Hoboken apartments easy and fun—and easier around holiday time. Gift baskets can be ordered and filled with many of the goods from the store.

Stop by Sobsey's and take home some delicious high quality ingredients for you or a friend—you'll be glad you did.