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Kobra Kai's Season Ends-- with blue balls!

Kobra Kai finished their season with a bang...literally! After several innings of competitive play Bill "north of the border" Jennings drove a ball to be remembered for all time. Not for being a key hit, clutch base knock, or a game winning drive though-- it will be remembered because it made history in a less conventional way. The ball was struck and soared sky high tailing a little left until it torpedoed into a bbq grill and exploded! Never in the history of the game has anyone achieved this distinct honor. One team member, who agreed to speak if left anonymous, gave the following account of what they overheard after the incident: "hey man, you really blow balls" Ahh a simple, clear, and concise thought of what had just happened!

But wait...there's more! After the "exploding ball" incident, the game was left in disarray and ball-less. After emergency calls were placed to find a replacement kickball, one came from the sidelines. In an unselfish act of kindness a generous onlooker offered his own personal red-rubber ball to use-- only it wasn't red!!...kickball would now have to deal with blue balls! Perhaps this is a crude and immature joke, but it's fitting for how the Kobra Kai season turned out. A lot of buildup, excitement, and anticipation to ultimately be let down without ever reaching the climax-- which in this analogy is the playoffs. Despite rallying to win their final game the team missed the post-season narrowly landing 1 position back of the final 4 squads.

Big ups go out to everyone last night for a great final effort. From Casey "the iron man" Gleason's smoking singles to GBS's gallant effort running the bases injured and "Mercedes" Mike's record-breaking final homer of the year-- everyone played their hearts out! The defense did a magnificent job too with outstanding outfield play. They combined for several eye-popping catches and not one dropped ball.

It's a tough thing for a team to have to call it quits when it's surging strong, but that's the reality for Kobra Kai. As team members depart for golf courses and other off-season adventures, they no doubt will have some sour feelings over an abrupt ending to their season. What they must remember is they have nothing to feel down about- they fought the good fight, but came up a little short. No shame in that! And hey, you don't need kickball to still head out to happy hour! See everyone at the bars—SOON!