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jconcha's blog

Our Pearl Harbor

I was watching horribly acted, MTV-contrived quick-edits of a movie called Pearl Harbor on HBO the other day. Like a car wreck, the movie was painfully brutal for the first 60 minutes, yet I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. Kate Beckinsale, who likely couldn’t spell ESPN in real life, made the viewing easier, at least from an aesthetic perspective.

The Old Man and the Sea (Girt)

The newest Animal House wanna-be flick, Old School, threatens to break the $150 million mark after coming out on video this week despite generally average reviews. According to one critic, "The plot of thirtysomething year old men getting together to relive their college years by creating an on-campus adult fraternity, even by Hollywood standards, is impossible to believe."

Obviously, this columnist has never been to the Jersey Shore in summer...

Steal This (Independent) Movie!

I met my first reality TV star a few weeks ago when the lovely Angela of ABC’s “The Bachelor II” flew in to join our tailgate at The Hunt. The reticent bombshell from Kansas City wasn’t permitted to talk about the outcome of who ultimately “wins” a faux life of happiness, so we discussed the wonders of Makers Mark instead.

3 Simple Rules for Emailing Someone's Daughter

Hey- (the most common way to start off an email in letter without being too uptight)

While I was looking for something else to do at work besides, well, work, I started thinking about what my weekdays were like before email came into my life.

Dumb and Dumbererer

The PATH train rolls along on another rainy weekday morning. It has already been a trying day for the author after setting his alarm for 6:47 PM instead of AM. He’s now running so late that the usual stop at the newsstand was bypassed to ensure he made the next available train.