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The Overlappers


Like Springsteen tickets, it seems everybody has them.

Cell phone communication has helped the insecure feel more secure in their insecurity. The ability to call friends during alone time (See: walking home, on the bus, or #2 sans reading material) makes singles feel as comforted as we did when the dog used to sleep at the end of our beds as children. We may be lonely, but we certainly aren’t alone.

But for those individuals whose Nokias aren’t enough to fill the void, there’s that other hot product sure to become hotter once the summer wind stops blowing:

Your Space Heater or Mine?

The coldest January in over a decade has taught me one thing: Single men do not advocate the advantages of global warming.

Page two of every newspaper during this winter season appears to resemble a partial list of retired Yankee numbers. Digits like 5,7, 9, 8 seemed to scroll down the entire page. The problem is that they don’t belong to DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris or Berra, but to the forecasted overnight low temperatures.

And there appears to be no heat in sight until, like, Cinco de Mayo.


Socialist Socializing

Like other businesses in a hurting New York economy, the city’s dry cleaners took a big hit when the ban on smoking in bars took effect. No longer would suits and sweaters need to go to that nice Asian woman down the block the next day to extinguish the scent of Marlboro Lights from bar hopping smokers and non-smokers alike. Now, if a smoker needs to scratch that itch, he or she needs to take it to the sidewalk.

Or move to Hoboken…

Pledging at 31 - Summer Share Listings and Hazing is a site that twenty and thirtysomethings turn to for everything from the mile square city’s history and happenings to riveting feature columns. One of the site’s most popular attractions, however, is the classified page for people to search for an apartment, a roommate, or both.

Parking for Dollars

Parking in Hoboken is as much a part of its reputation as its flourishing nightlife, diverse restaurants, spectacular views (the skyline is pretty impressive too) and safe streets. However, parking has become one of the towns's few cons (literally and figuratively) to its numerous pros.