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Dimmer Street Lights?

Being a life long resident of this fair (HA) over populated city, I have developed a habit of taking strolls at whatever time I feel like it; Morning, Noon, Evening, and Late Night. I go where ever I please. It has become my "me time" where I can go where ever my feet take me, and I can think along whatever lines my mind goes. I retreat into my inner world and find a few minutes of peace.

Being that its Hoboken, I don't walk around oblivious to what's going on around me. I pay attention to the cars, the joggers, the bar hoppers, and anything / everything that grabs my attention.

A few years ago, the City launched an Anti-Crime campaign where they hired more cops, created community watches, and installed new street lights with brighter burning bulbs. Granted - it was for a good reason, and relatively helpful to this campaign... but I personally found it bothersome. To me - even though I understood the reasons behind it - I felt like it took a piece of Hoboken away. An important piece... I took it as a personal attack on the charm, charisma, and mystery of this beautiful city. I'm not talking about the cops or community watch though ... I'm referring to the street lights. I'm not saying that I think the city should be shrouded in darkness, mind you, just that the before created a comforting illusion of mystery.

Over the course of the past two weeks or so, I have noticed something that brings me back to my childhood.

It appears that the City Street Lights on particular blocks are staggered. Instead of (unnecessarily) lighting the whole block in bright street light (most likely disturbing the residents sleeping patterns) some areas of town are a little dimmer than they were a month ago. Blocks that have, for example, 7 lights on them are now only lit 5 at a time. There are no 'dark areas' or 'blind spots' the streets are just a little dimmer. You can still see where your walking, and what's in front of you- I can almost guarantee that its so subtle that most, if any, of you have not even realized it.

I can ascertain that this subtle (unpublished) change is due to our current budget woes. Former Business Administrator Mr. England stood up to Councilwoman Mason countless times during the budget crisis earlier this year in regards to the spending freeze & paying the cities current and outstanding bills. He would say "then I guess I cant pay our PSE&G bill..." ... "if you want street lights on you need to approve this [specific agenda item to keep the city running]" to the point where it became a running joke. I can only assume that the current arrangement was thought out to conserve energy and lower the cities gas and electric bill.
,br>I happen to agree with this solution. Not only does it save energy, and money, but it creates a certain romance. It doesn't put any of the public in more danger, nor does it impede on a policeman's job. It is not done on the corners of the streets, so it wont affect drivers, and with your car lights - I cant imagine how it would affect those parking.

Now I ask.... 1. Has anyone else noticed this? The lighting change. 2. If so what are your thoughts on the matter?