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Sinatra In Hollywood biography by Tom Santopietro

To live in Hoboken even today the presence of Ol’ Blue Eyes is ever present. The main Post Office displays his records along with commemorative stamps, City Hall keeps a permanent display and of course there is the Hoboken Historical Museum. If you are feeling adventurous you can make your way Back-in-Back to Madison Street to visit the location where Sinatra was born. Obviously music was where Sinatra lived but luckily he split his time between there and Hollywood. Just watch The Manchurian Candidate to see how powerful he was on screen. This month sees the release of another Sinatra biography and this one focuses on his life on the silver screen.

Hoboken Library

We received the following update (11/15/08).

Hoboken Library to restore hours cut during hiring freeze In September, the Hoboken Library Board of Trustees was forced to reduce library hours, cutting back Saturday morning and Wednesday evenings, due to a shortage of personnel. This was caused by hiring freezes, departure of staff for other jobs, and the late approval of the Hoboken budget, and inadequate funding.

As a result, the Friends of the Hoboken Public Library initiated a petition to the Mayor and City Council, urging them to take action to restore the reduced schedule of operations and fund the library to levels mandated by the state.

Google Earth is watching...

google earth - hoboken

This is really cool. The newest version of Google Earth (4.3) is pretty incredible.