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La Luna wants to design your next logo... FREE

La Luna Productions has been making Hoboken businesses look better for over 18 years. We have used the services of the studio and Jane Migliore, owner and lead designer, has helped us out time and time again when we have needed it the most. Now it seems La Luna is having a logo contest. The deadline is soon, April 24th to be exact and one lucky Hoboken (only) business will receive a face lift of sorts. A new logo design from one of the most talented studios in the area.

Storytellers - Louder Than Words at Maxwell's

Telling stories is both an intimate and social event. Telling intimate stories in a social setting can cause great amounts of anxiety. Stepping on stage to do so is simply crazy. And that is exactly what these fine folks do. Here is a video of Adam Wade talking about Hoboken. Following the video are the details for the Louder Than Words upcoming performance at Maxwell's. Ladies and gentleman please give a hearty round of applause for Real Stories from Real People...

15th annual Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival

Here is the tentative schedule for the 15th Annual Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival.


Neumann Lethers Building Saved for now...

Recently we were speaking with one of the bigger tenants at the Neumann building. It looks like the building has been spared the wrecking ball. The Neumann building is one of the few older buildings with character left standing. Let's hope this is a trend toward saving the older architecture that can be renovated instead of dropping them to build what looks like penitentiaries. A a gym, a deli, a dry cleaner and indoor parking. You barely ever see these residents (except unfortunately as they are trashing the city on fake St. Patrick's Day).

Hoboken's FAKE St. Patrick's Day

We have called Hoboken home for over twenty years. There is one day that we NEVER stay in town. That is of course Hoboken's FAKE St. Patrick's Day. Usually it is safe to return after 6PM but not this year. The mayhem was extended way into the night. This entry on HobokenNow is very interesting - Bergin: Cancel Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day parade