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Russian Circles at Maxwell's - Sunday February 24th

Russian Circles by Primitive Sound System

For some reason most people have difficulties listening to instrumental music. If you don't mention that the music is instrumental most will say, "when do the vocals come in," or (a favorite of mine), "is this instrumental?" with a tone and a look as if you asked them to sample milk that has gone bad. Russian Circles are spoiled milk. There are times when their music flows pure and unaffected and at others it can bubble and explode and make you feel woozy. There is power in three and some of the loudest, abrasive, dynamic and creative music I own comes from trios. Russian Circles are a trio whose compositions are emotional and physical. The music arches and dives; both constructing and deconstructing. At times they sound like an orchestra and others you might think the band is taking five. Smoke em' if you got 'em. Instrumental music requires listening and concentration. To most people music is on in the background like wallpaper to accompany their work day, transportation or other activities that demand their attentions. Instrumental music, like Jazz, first requires you to pay attention, get familiar with the instruments, the sounds and the structure. You may not feel it the first time sometimes it takes repeated listening. You need to get inside the music. I don't necessarily have a problem with Pop music but it is like popcorn. If you like it you can digest A LOT of it at once and describe each bite while still chewing. Instrumental music isn't like that at all. A single song can have many, many parts and each with its own personality, sound and shape. The final composition is more about how you get from beginning to end fitting each part into the others connecting melodies, sounds, tones, rhythms and ideas. Russian Circles push themselves musically, technically, and if you have ever seen one of their videos on YouTube, physically.

I have yet to see them live and will not miss them at Maxwell's Sunday February 24th.

1039 Washington Street
Phone Number for Listings: (201)798-0406