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Kickball Week Two - Morning Show Diva Delivers Big Victory!

By Jason Mammen

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Morning Show Diva Delivers Big Victory!

Ryan (don't call me Rachel Ray) Rae did more than just run on Dunkin' last night, as the pseudo celeb knocked in the game winning run for Kobra Kai. After clawing their way back into striking distance, Kristen "Rocket" Dorik started the last inning rally with a single. Big Kickin' Mike Mantore then drove the love of his life home (Dorik) with a powerful homerun blast (his second of the day). After a hit and some brilliant base running by B. Jones, as he beat out two consecutive close plays at 2nd and 3rd respectively, the bases would be loaded. With the ducks on the pond Ryan Rae came to the plate. After rallying to tie the game 8-8 at this point, one more hit was needed to complete the dramatic comeback and Rae delivered! Donuts all around!!

Game notes:
Sue "The Voice" Bottone proved it takes a lot to slip any balls between her legs in one of the more bizarre at bats every seen! Bottone managed to catch the ball between her thighs applying a vice-like grip on the defenseless little red rubber ball…ouch! In another classic play, Bill Jennings lost a towering pop in the lights, but did a fantastic job using his face to keep the ball in front of him….nice facial Bill! Speaking of balls to the face-- Dorik had a stellar defensive game from the pitching rubber using her patented catching style-- ball bounces off arms, banks off face, drops softly back into her just can teach that technique, it's all raw athletic ability! Making his Kobra Kai debut last night was league bad boy Mike "unsportsmanlike like" Fazio. Fazio lived up to the hype by earning the first Unsportsmanlike Penalty doled out this season, but followed it with a mammoth home run blast. The Big "EZ" Ed Haft again flashed the leather, making an incredible leaping catch look EZ. "The Glove" Mammen scored 2 runs keeping him on pace to win the "Derek Jeter Runs Scored" award even though he may now join the Yankee all-star on the DL, as they both struggle to return from debilitating quad injuries! In other award news Mantore blasted his 2nd and 3rd homeruns on the season producing 5 RBI's. He sits a top the league in both categories. In another less-than-conventional at bat, Goldberenstiein aka GBS, had an incredible knee ball strike to score a key hit in the game. We may not see another hit like his for years to come!

Overall it was a much needed win both statistically and emotionally for Kobra Kai. Things won't get any easier, but the gritty bunch seems poised to make a playoff run! See everybody next week at Momma Johnson's legendary field for more Kick A#$ Kickball Action!

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