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Kickball Week One

By Jason Mammen

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Kobra Kai "Kicks" Off New Season!

The excitement was palpable last night as Kickball officially "Kicked" off!

After Mother Nature played havoc with last week's opening games schedule, every team was in full action last night at Momma Johnson's field in Hoboken, NJ. After two earlier games featuring match ups between teams such as "Drunk and Looking to Score" and "Kick Kick Kick...Boom!" the stage was set for the primetime event in the chilly evening air...

"Kobra Kai" vs. "We've Got the Runs."

It was truly a David and Goliath game featuring an upstart team of kickball neophytes (Kobra Kai) and a proven squad that boasts multiple championships in recent years (We've Got the Runs). Clearly from the outset Kobra Kai was at a disadvantage not only in experience, but in a serious lack of players! Several key members were a scratch from the lineup-- including one individual that clearly still fears facing teammates of die hard true-blue Giant's fans after her Patriots were upset in the greatest Super Bowl ever! Despite playing shorthanded though, this rag-tag group struck first with a surprising 2-0 lead. After J "Flash" Mammen used his 4.3/40 speed to set the base paths ablaze, Big Kickin' Mike Mantore used his lethal left leg to push Mammen across home plate. Defense was the name of the game over the next several innings as both teams flashed the leather so to speak. After put outs by EZ Ed Haft and solid pitching from staff ace Kristen "Rocket" Dorick, "We've Got the Runs" lived up to their namesake scoring two runs of their own to tie the contest at 2-2. Kobra Kai would comeback to score the go ahead run in the top of the 6th. In what looks like a lethal one-two punch, Mammen doubled and again was driven home by Mantori to go up 3-2. After another inning and a half of defensive wizardry, the stage was set for a late night comeback. With a man on third and one out, a deep drive to left center cemented the comeback win for "We've Got the Runs."

Outmanned and outgunned, Kobra Kai's tough-as-nails team of scrappers played with pride nearly defeating a seasoned team that proved why they've been to the top of the kickball mountain-- and are poised to do so again. Kobra Kai looks to rebound next week by booting the competition out of the park. Kickball "insiders" report hearing buzz about a new Crane Kick batting technique several team members have been secretly working on. Allegedly legendary underground kickball master Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita has been spotted hanging around Kobra Kai team headquarters...stay tuned.

For local schedules please go to - Zogs NJ